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“Every organization needs a strategy in order to deliver superior value to its customers”

“Business today is tough. It is a crowded marketplace full of very sophisticated and demanding customers”


Global-FIT is a partner oriented consultancy group advising in global business development related to sales and sourcing worldwide.

We are focusing on the strategic business engineering process in a global market place. By this the globalization is highlighted in a strategic business perspective, supporting market driven customer and supply-chain demands.

Clients include global company groups developing already success full business lines, complementary to small and midsize companies exploring virgin markets.

Global FIT brings its clients businesses to the next level on a continuing journey, benefitting of new opportunities and challenging market demands in the globalization. On this challenging journey, it is needed to be globally FIT.

“If your goal is to be second to none
you must compete on value”

Dr. Ian Brooks, New Zealand

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Jens Bollerup, Managing Partner

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Or are you a small or midsize company in need of core international competences?

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